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What’s going on at Volume 1

Hey guys. First post on this address since a long time ago…

Well things have been rather crazy but we still squeezed out a bunch of posts since we bought our new domain name.

Reviews, rants, impressions and, most importantly, A CONTEST(with more to come eventually, of course)! Oh, and in-depth review of Dissidia Final Fantasy… w00t.

Check it out:


Dissidia Final Fantasy review: BIG REVIEW

Persona 4 review: (long review)

Ninja Blade demo impressions: (AKA how to make a bad game)

Soldner-X Himmelssturmer PSN review: 

Chaos;Head Anime/Visual Novel thoughts: 


Yakuza 2 review:

What’s coming in 2009?: (do you like lists? I like lists)

Hajime no Ippo DS review: 

Prince of Persia DS review: 

Prince of Persia review:–-prince-of-persia/ 

Mortal Kombat vs DC review: 

Metal Slug 7 review: 

Star Ocean First Departure review: 

Best of 2008 in gaming: (this “list” includes impressions of each writer here, so it’s a pretty solid “list”)

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DS Review: Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger. Regarded as one of the best, if not the best, RPG on the SNES, some people calling it the best RPG ever. And not without reason, as this is truly a masterpiece. It’s no surprise that the DS remake was long awaited to fans of the series.

After 13 years (the original SNES version was released in 1995), does it still hold its own? And what about the extra content? Let’s check that out!
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DS Review – Dragon Ball: Origins

Ah, Dragon Ball. Atari just can’t stop milking the franchise. But they come to us this time with something a little different. Instead of going with Dragon Ball Z, they bring us part of the original Dragon Ball adventure. Yeah, I was surprised when they announced that. Even in the NES/SNES era, Dragon Ball games mostly concentrated on Z (with a few exceptions), so this was quite welcome.

Now I still wasn’t sure what to expect from the game itself.
So let’s see if it’s actually any good.
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DS Review: Disgaea DS

I’m a bit late on this one, but here goes.

Disgaea was an incredible game on the PS2.  Sporting cool 2D graphics, a great story, incredible characters, and really fun gameplay, it was a must-have on the PS2… Too bad it was basically ignored by the general populace.

This is the second incarnation of the game on handheld consoles. It was on the PSP last year, and now it’s released on the technologically inferior Nintendo DS.
Can the DS handle the awesomeness? Or does the DS’ limitations make the game lame?

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New Nintendo DS goes “i” and Dragon Ball movie trailer FAILS *update* NEW PUNCH-OUT game

During their Fall Press Conference today, Nintendo have – as expected – announced a new version of the Nintendo DS. Called the Nintendo DSi, it eschews the GBA slot (boo!) in favour of a slight downsizing (it’s a little thinner) and a range of improvements. The handheld’s screens have been enlarged, and will now be 17% bigger (at 3.25 inches) than those found on the DS Lite. As for the rumoured additions, both have proven to be correct, with “audio enhancements” made to the handheld, while it will also now include a .3 megapixel (640×480) camera. And that’s just the start of it.

The DSi also features an SD memory card slot, making it possible to take pictures with the DSi and then view them on the Nintendo Wii. The DSi features a built-in browser, and it’s possible to download games and keep them on the DSi.

For digital delivery purchases, there is a DSi Shop, from which users can download DSiWare from. Pricing categories for the DSiWare are: Free, 200 points, 500 points and “Premium” or 800 points. Customers will get 1000 free points to spend at the DSi Shop that are good until March 2010.

The DSi will be released in Japan on November 1. It will retail for ¥18,900 (USD$180), and will be available in two colours, white and black.

Reports Kotaku.

Screenshot – and some other news in the full page

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DS Review: Kirby Super Star Ultra

Hey everyone, Jobocan here, and bringing you the first review on Save Point!

Kirby has always been one of Nintendo’s really big names, and calling Kirby Super Star on the SNES one of the best games on a system would be quite the understatement. When I heard that the game was getting ported on the DS, I was really happy about it, and thought that taking one of the best SNES games and modifying it for the DS would be one of the best things ever.
Well after playing through most of it (96% to be exact) I must say I was almost right.

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